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Penjana Kapital, in collaboration with Venture University, launches Malaysia’s first venture capital senior executive talent development programme.

Penjana Kapital and Venture University are collaborating to launch Malaysia’s first venture capital (“VC”) senior executive talent development programme targeted at mid-level professionals, KapitalX2. The programme is also supported by Crewstone International, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (“MDEC”) and Malaysian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (“MVCA”).

The programme is a continuation of the first programme, KapitalX, in collaboration with Sunway iLabs which had concluded in November 2022 that focused on juniors and fresh graduates. 32 KapitalX participants had successfully completed the programme upon undergoing a 5-week classroom training and a 1-month venture fellowship with 14 venture capital management companies. The KapitalX programme is Penjana Kapital’s flagship talent development programme established to develop VC talents with the competencies to be world-class investors.

To be launched on 10 July 2023, KapitalX2 aims to equip participants, comprising of experienced entrepreneurs and finance professionals, with a detailed overview of the VC ecosystem, including real-time practical application and networking opportunities. The programme aims to create a robust pipeline of mid to senior-level talents that boosts the VC ecosystem in Malaysia. This is aligned with Penjana Kapital's objective of building the Malaysian VC ecosystem, as part of the Malaysian government's initiative to accelerate the development of a future innovation economy.

This 4-month programme is an industry agnostic course that is open to (i) experienced entrepreneurs who have built a start-up, who are also keen on investing in other start-ups as a VC fund manager, and (ii) senior investment professionals with investment management experience in one or more asset classes (i.e., Equity, Fixed Income, Private Equity (“PE”), VC), who are keen on managing a VC investment fund.

“The KapitalX2 programme will ensure we create a consistent pipeline of VC talent, and complements Penjana Kapital’s public-private co-investment programme that seeks to crowd-in private capital, managed by private sector VC firms in the country. A VC industry that is sustainable can only be built if we can simultaneously address both human capital and financial capital shortage gaps. As more funding – both public and private – flows into VC, the industry needs an even bigger talent pool.” said Taufiq Iskandar, Chief Executive Officer of Penjana Kapital.

30 carefully chosen participants will be selected from a pool of applicants for the programme. The programme includes over 60+ hours of course work, including a two-week VC Masterclass and Advanced VC Modules, as well as Startup Pitches and weekly Fireside Chats. Participants will learn the fundamentals of the VC world from Venture University's management team alongside a highly curated panel of local industry professionals. Learnings include deal sourcing, due diligence, financial modelling, investment term sheets and documents, valuation, cap tables, waterfall analysis, M&A / IPO, raising a VC fund, Corporate VC, managing a Board of Directors, etc. The programme will conclude with a internal reverse demo day on the final week where participants will present their investment recommendations and compete for awards presented during a graduation ceremony.

*Professionals with more than 4 years’ experience

Source: Securities Commission Annual Report

In 2022, the number of VC and PE professionals in Malaysia declined by 33% year-on-year to 229 from 344. This is after an impressive growth of 97% in 2021, which coincided with the strong performance and liquidity in the VC space. Furthermore, comparing with other developed VC markets, Malaysia still lacks sufficient VC professionals in order to have a vibrant VC space.

“Crewstone International is excited to support the launch of KapitalX2, Malaysia's  VC talent development programme. We believe in the importance of nurturing and empowering mid-level professionals in the VC ecosystem. Through KapitalX2, we aim to contribute to the growth of Malaysia's innovation economy by building a strong pipeline of skilled VC professionals. We are proud to collaborate with Penjana Kapital and Venture University to drive the development of the Malaysian VC landscape.” said Izmir Mujab, Chief Executive Officer of Crewstone International.

Chief Executive Officer of MDEC, Ts. Mahadhir Aziz spoke on the collaboration: “This collaboration with Penjana Kapital to run KapitalX2 is a testament of MDEC’s unwavering commitment to provide essential support that is critical to the growth and competitiveness of Malaysia's digital economy, and its overall contribution to the country's economic development. Our support is to strengthen our ability to provide mid to senior-level talents with access to networks and resources to help them succeed. Together, we look forward to unlocking new opportunities to develop future VC talent providing participants with the essential skillsets of a Fund Manager and creating a seamless process for investment, innovation, and growth”.

"MVCA is committed to fostering Malaysia's vibrant and sustainable VC ecosystem. We believe that VC is a key driver of innovation and economic growth, and we support initiatives that align with our mission and objectives. One of these initiatives is to develop and nurture VC talents in Malaysia.  The Malaysian government has already put in place some initiatives, including encouraging private sector participation.  To make the above a reality, we need to invest more in education and training programmes to equip our VC talent with the necessary knowledge and skills.  KapitalX2 is one of the initiatives that can enhance capacity and competitiveness as a VC market in the region, and MVCA is happy to provide support for the programme." said Ng Sai Kit, Chairman of MVCA.