Private capital matching funding

Penjana Kapital provides matching funds to private capital which attracts investment into Malaysia

Capability and ecosystem building

Penjana Kapital invests across all funding stages via both equity and venture debt instruments

Information database

Penjana Kapital to leverage on the propriety dashboard and act as a centralised information database for stakeholders

Addressing the funding gap

Penjana Kapital is committed to developing the private capital market ecosystem in Malaysia

Stimulate the Malaysian Malaysia’s economy by future proofing Malaysia Businesses through innovation from start-ups.

About us

Launched in July 2020, Penjana Kapital is a catalytic force in Malaysia’s investment landscape. We are a sovereign venture capital fund of funds, strategically fuelling the nation’s growth by co-investing with established and emerging private investor, as well as partnering with foreign investors. Our focus? Impactful investments. We go beyond financial returns, seeking ventures that generate positive social and environmental change alongside strong financial performance.

By partnering with these funds and foreign investors, Penjana Kapital acts as an impetus for innovation and social good. We offer more than just capital; we provide a powerful network. Together, we empower businesses with the resources and connections they need to thrive. Penjana Kapital is not just an investor; we are active partners, leveraging our expertise to shape a brighter future for Malaysia.


Catalyse the supply of growth capital


No great idea

goes unfunded

Empowering Growth Through Strategic Investments

Innovative Investments for a Stronger Tomorrow

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