Malaysia VC Talent Development Program

KapitalX, a talent development initiative by Penjana Kapital, emerges as a pivotal program dedicated to nurturing and enhancing Malaysia's venture capital (VC) ecosystem. This innovative endeavor unfolds through two distinct tracks: a junior and a senior track. The junior track specifically caters to fresh graduates and young professionals, strategically designed to cultivate a reservoir of budding talents poised to invigorate the Malaysian VC industry. Meanwhile, the senior track is tailored for mid-level professionals seeking entry into or progression within the VC domain. By offering comprehensive training and mentorship, KapitalX aims to empower participants with the requisite skills and insights crucial for success in the dynamic realm of venture capital. Through these initiatives, KapitalX endeavors to fortify Malaysia's stature as a thriving hub for entrepreneurial innovation and investment excellence.

Nurturing Future Venture Capital Talents

Co-organised by Penjana Kapital & Taylor’s University, KapitalX3 is a 5 months programme that aims to nurture future venture capital talents with necessary skills and know-how from the best venture capitalists around the globe

Supercharge Your Progress

University students in their final / penultimate year

Working professionals of less than 3 years experience

Entrepreneurs or early stage startup employees

4 May 2024 – 16 November 2024


Curriculum Overview

By Venture Capitalists For Future VC Talents

Week 1
Venture Capital Overview
A glimpse of the VC ecosystem and the industry development
Week 1
Week 2
Macro & Micro Economics: Impact on different sector of the economy
Understanding the fundamentals of economics and its repercussions on the Venture Capital
Week 2
Week 3
Deal Sourcing
Understanding how VCs source for investment opportunities
Week 3
Week 4
Due Diligence
Learn how to effectively evaluate investment opportunities
Week 4
Week 5
Due Structure
Differentiating the different instruments in Venture Capital investing
Week 5
Week 6
Understanding different valuations methodologies in Venture Capital
Week 6
Week 7
Navigation and Understanding Government Policies & impact on VC
Understanding the importance of government policies and bureaucracy and their impacts on business models
Week 7
Week 8
Soft Skills & Career in Venture Capital
Building brand and network as a venture capitalist
Week 8

Key Dates

Applications Open
Info Session
Applications Close
Announcement Of Successful Candidates
Start Of Programme
Demo Day
Venture Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

You are required to fill up this form which contains a few questions to understand you better and will ask you to upload your CV.

We’ll be interviewing promising applicants on a rolling basis. With high volume of applications, please do understand that it may take a while before we get back to you. Do keep an eye out for our email though!

The entire programme costs RM 500. We have limited scholarships available, sponsored by Penjana Kapital and Taylor’s university. Please pick “Yes” in your application form if you would like to be considered for a scholarship opportunity.

Programme Enquiries

There are 20 hours of workshops over the course of 2 months followed by 3 months of venture fellowship. Workshops are held on Saturdays. Schedule will be given upon successful application.

You will be going through a 3 months fellowship with a selected VC firms that we have partnered with for this programme.

Venture Fellowship

Participants will be allowed to pick their top 3 VC firms. In the case where there are too many participants picking the same firm, we will randomize the pool of participants.

You will be expected to assist in real world tasks in the VC fund, such as running internal projects, conducting market research, contributing to an investment theses and deal sourcing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fill up the application form for us to understand more about your background and aspirations. You’ll also need to upload your CV and a one minute video explaining why you want to join the programme.

Please ensure to check your email for any updates. We will reach out via email should you be selected for the programme.


The programme fee is RM 499. Taylor’s University will fully waive the programme fee if you are Taylor’s University current student or alumni.

Yes it is. Participants are required to attend the classes at the Taylor’s University Lakeside campus every Saturday from 9AM – 1PM.


The classes are from 4th May 2024 – 22nd June 2024. The On-The-Job training will commence from August 2024 – November 2024.


No, this programme is open to both local and international participant.


While there are no strict prerequisites, a keen interest in venture capital and entrepreneurship, as well as a basic understanding of the startup ecosystem, will be beneficial.


  • Introduction of Yourself: Start by introducing yourself in a manner that’s both personal and professional. Mention your background, interests, and any relevant experiences that have shaped your journey.
  • What do you understand about the VC or Startup Ecosystem: Describe your current understanding of the VC or startup ecosystem.
  • What do you hope to achieve in the programme: Clearly articulate what you hope to achieve by participating in the programme. This could range from gaining practical experience, networking opportunities, to understanding how to secure funding for a startup. Be specific about your goals and how they align with what the programme offers.
  • Why do you want to join the programme: Explain why you want to join the programme, focusing on what draws you to it. This could include the network of mentors, success stories of previous participants, or how it complements your career aspirations.

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