VC: Sustainable or Bubble?

In this episode titled “VC: Sustainable or Bubble?” we welcome Tan Sri Andrew Sheng, a renowned former central banker and financial regulator in Asia, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Malaysia’s capital market.In this insightful conversation, we delve into the reasons why the capital market in Malaysia is more inclined towards debt, rather than equity, and explore ways to encourage more risk-sharing. We also discuss how Malaysia can leverage equity funding and venture capital to fuel sustainable growth and develop new economies, and attract private capital to create a private sector-led economy.Tan Sri Andrew Sheng shares his thoughts on how to create a greater supply of high-quality companies with new verticals and entice them to list on Bursa as a viable exit. He also provides valuable insights into Malaysia’s regulatory landscape, particularly regarding capital controls and cross-border investments, and how to balance free capital flow and regulations.We also explore the impact of ultra-loose monetary policies on risk assets and risk capital, and whether there are still opportunities in this new high-yield environment. Tan Sri Andrew Sheng shares his perspective on how Malaysia can position its investments and businesses in this changing landscape.Finally, we discuss the current global geopolitical risks and how ASEAN, and specifically Malaysia, can navigate this situation. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of finance, sustainability, and investment in Malaysia and beyond.